Would you rather follow the traditional path of a Social Science major, or flip the switch and launch a remote career in Social Media?


As a Social Science major you may consider that your career options are limited.

You graduate. You do a Masters degree. Maybe a PhD. Then you go work as a psychologist, therapist, counselor, social worker or educator.

Or not.

My name is Lauren Serpico and I was also a social science graduate in psychology. I’ve felt the fear of the unknown in my early 20s. After graduation, I was about to do what "psych majors are supposed to do”, and go on to become a psychologist.

Thankfully, I came across a Craigslist ad that brought me back to my unique path. It read: Paid Social Media Strategist internship, and I got the position after talking about Myspace and AIM. 

Fast forward a decade and because of that decision, I have built a life I am so proud of, working remotely as a Social Media Strategist.

Now I want to share my secrets, so you can build this life for yourself.

Let’s take your first steps into your Social Media career TOGETHER!


Do you have what it takes to get your first social media job?

Do you have the right expectations for such a career?

Can you manage a life working remotely?


A course for social science students who want to break into the Social Media industry

There is no shortage of cool, remote, entry-level jobs in Social Media. At the same time the demand for such jobs is immense.

As a social science graduate you have the scientific background and unique advantage over other majors that can help you land your first job in Social Media. If you use your resources wisely!

As a social science graduate myself and a person who's "been there done that", my mission is to prepare YOU for your first successful job application in the industry and help you develop as a Social Media Strategist.

Free Mini Course

Your starting point! Learn the basics of creating content, while being introduced to the basics of being a social media strategist. Fully customizable IG carousel template included! 




Full Course

If you decided you're gonna give your social media career a chance, this course is for you! It'll give you all the practical tools and tips you need, to build a social media portfolio and land your first social media job




I had the pleasure of working with Lauren remotely for about a year. Lauren helped me navigate the challenging aspects of working from home—namely, setting boundaries between work time and leisure time. I love Lauren’s positivity and enthusiasm for both social media and working remotely! They are contagious! While we worked at the same start-up together, I really appreciated how Lauren was so willing to experiment with trying different techniques on social media, and how she stepped up and came to my aid when I really needed it.


While I only have personal social media, Lauren has helped me be more conscious of how I present myself, as well as reminding me to stay true to myself.

“Shouldn't I have a marketing or relevant degree to get a social media job?”

“No, not necessarily. Social science is as relevant as it gets for social media and marketing. Your background in research, communication, and human behavior is pure gold when it comes to creating a social media strategy."

Build & showcase a portfolio for your first social media job

Prepare & learn how to manage the challenges of remote work

Create a social media focused resume.

Discover ways to measure and analyze social media

Use the scientific method to approach marketing & content strategy

Learn to use social media as a business tool, not as a distraction


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