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A content creator works in social media by developing entertaining & educating material. I like to it ~edutainment~

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🎥 9 min video

How to Create an Instagram Carousel

🎥 5 min video

How to Create a Schedule on Canva to Sell on Etsy

🎥 4 min video

How to Create Viral Memes

🎥 2 minute video

How to Create A Standout Profile Photo

🎥 Coming 5/31

How to Create a Social Media Resume

🎥 Coming 6/30

How to Film a Reel without Showing Your Face
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Blending Social Media & Psychology

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In this e-book series you'll learn topics such as branding, color psychology, and niche marketing.

Travel Tips & Working Remote

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Lauren is insanely knowledgeable, caring, and entertaining, and for me, that eases my ability to process information and made me feel at home.

William H.

Trine, Psychology